Larry Tey Por Yee’s View of What It’s called Conglomeration – a Tata Group shareholding Maze Tells the Story

It’s more of an obsession besides inspiration of what a session with a visionary businessman turns out to be mind blowing eye opener. When the author tries to find out what the mysterious businessman Tey Por Yee, or better known as Larry Tey business network looks like, the discovery is stunning – the entrepreneur was told having seed invested in over 1,000 start ups and businesses, globally. This have not counted the investment portfolio and projects his business associates handle for their clients. How complicated is it when comes to 21st century business conglomeration?

Surprisingly, the discovery of Larry’s businesses also brought up similarities compared to other mystery business conglomerate – such as Tata group. Such maze alike organization structure was discovered during the conversation with International bankers, and here is how Tata group of companies shareholding looks like.



If business today is to compete with speed and information, the web of business resources would explain why certain companies move faster than the others, including the synergies they brought that beat the other players – a group of hundreds of elephant (size businesses) crossing the river,  the market would feels the earth shaking!

Here is another copy of intelligence found on the Internet showing similar shareholding maze in automotive industry.


Interesting or stunning? What the market knows about global business network could be just tip of the iceberg. It’s more complicated than one can imagine.

Here are some more examples of what shareholding structures, or so called conglomerate business network looks like.


The Japanese way of money trail and business flows. Don’t get to excited. Here is more.


The European way of conglomeration and fund flows network. Spain largest business group shareholding structure could move the mountain when comes to funding.


Here is the American way of alliances and deal flows. Interesting? They conquest the global merger and acquisition landscape.

So what is so special and excited about what ordinary people like myself perceive and judge Larry’s business network? My studies above really open my eyes and view of the sophistication these conglomerates could handle. Perhaps they just evolved naturally and simple minded, not as complicated as we though.

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